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Contrary to what many  women may think, the gel does not damage the nails.


Many of you have already had the bad experience of having damaged natural nails.  or even  softened  following an appointment with a nail technician... Following this, your first reaction was not to want to repeat this experience for fear of reliving this nightmare.
So you said to yourself, that the gel was not made for you, which, by the way, is hardly understandable!!

Let's restore a truth...

In France, "anyone" can work as a nail technician. Indeed, this profession does not have any diplomas to date recognized by the state, so I let you imagine the number of girls who do not have the skills embarking on this booming profession.
Because yes we must not hide it, the nails are part
  fashionable today!

In semi-permanent, in capsule, in gel... All the processes that Class and Beauty offers (in laying nails at home or in an institute),  now allow all women to embellish broken, bitten nails...

You can find the different practices used by Class and Beauty beauticians in the following links: 
- capsule

- Semi-permanent nails 

- Gel nails


Description of the gel nail application at C&B:

Applying gel nails requires considerable practice and experience.
Class and Beauty , all nail technicians were recruited after a careful study of their CVs and they subsequently received training over several days on our premises.)

Here are the different steps performed during the service.

During a complete pose (the nail being natural at the start)


Step 1:

The nail technician begins by filing to break the natural shine of the nail, she obviously takes care not to file too much so as not to damage the protective plate of the natural nail.

2nd step:

I wanted to explain to you here that  uv gel absolutely does not damage natural nails... on the contrary! the gel will protect against aggressions, such as household products (although I always advise to wear gloves as soon as possible!)

  it's not the frost that damages...!  

First, for the gel to adhere, you have to break the natural shine of the nail, and unfortunately some prosthetists tend to file the plate too much.  nature of the nail and thus to break the protective layer... which weakens the nail.

Most often, the negligence and ignorance of unqualified girls mean that tragedy can happen very quickly during a  removal, of a filler  more commonly called the  filling.

You have to do very  be careful not to file too much  so as not to damage the natural protective layer of the nail by  removing the gel layer...

Ornella's testimonial  beautician at Class and Beauty:

Frequently I receive clients on appointments with nails that are scary!

One day a client came in with blood on the protective nail plate, they had been  too filthy!

In this case, as I said to the client, you have to give the nail time to rebuild itself before reapplying the gel... And above all, she has to change nail technicians!! Since then she has joined the ranks of Beautygirls!!

So be careful girls! 

For your nails it is important to choose a good beautician!

At Class and beauty, they are recruited according to their skills and they are trained in our own way.  to work.

There can always be a little problem one day, zero risk does not exist! But be aware that at Class and Beauty, your nails are guaranteed for 5 days and we will send a beautician to repair it for you free of charge within these deadlines!

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