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Nail ART

Nos prestations Nail-art

Sublimez vos ongles en y ajoutant des motifs !

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Nail Art

"Nail art", "Nailart" or "Nail-art" is the art of painting or drawing both on natural nails and on false nails (gel nails, resin nails or capsule nails). At Class and Beauty ,  Nail technicians / beauticians are recruited according to their skills in creating  and imagine beautiful decorations that are always funnier and trendier. The art of handling a very fine brush and making drawings of great precision without shaking is not given to everyone!

This is why, in addition to their diploma, C&B trains its beauticians so that your manicures at home or in institutes are carried out in the same way.  way ! 

Nail-art is an art and our nail technicians are artists.

(see decorations section)

The home / institute nail expert

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