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Conseils de nos spécialistes onglerie

Il existe différents styles pour sublimer vos ongles,

découvrez-les chez Class-and-Beauty

What are the techniques offered by your beauty salon and your nail prosthetists at home from Class and Beauty  ?

Trends and techniques evolve enormously in the world of nails, and
It becomes easy to get lost in your choices when it's time to get a manicure.

Simple varnish or nail application  ? Home or institute  ?


Let's proceed step by step  !
First of all, of course, you have to choose the type of manicure you want and above all which suits you best.
With the help of our professional nail technician Florence C&B, let's describe together the different types of manicures


  • Resin nail application

A proven nail technique  !

It allows you to build extensions in the form of modeling (stencil, tips, etc.), for a perfect hold and reinforced nails  !

Positive  : Strong nails

Negative point  : thick and unnatural

Opinion of our C&B beautician  :

These are extremely strong nails  !  But aesthetically thick... this method is especially suitable for people who use their hands a lot in cleaning products or often doing the dishes... It will allow you a perfect hold for 3 to 4 weeks.  


  • Gel Nail

The gel nail technique is different, more recent, it also offers to lengthen the nails and to camouflage bitten nails.

The work is done in 3 steps  : lay a base, a construction and a finish.

Following this, the hands are placed under UV lamps to harden the gel.

A meticulous work, which requires precision.
Class and Beauty uses quality professional gel for a breathtaking result that allows you to have thin nails that can last up to 3 weeks.

Positive  : Thin nails that look more natural

Negative point  : More expensive the service can last up to 1h in filling and 1h30 in complete installation

Opinion of our beautician Florence from Class and Beauty  :
It is a technique that we use a lot at Class and Beauty whether at home or in the institute.
It does not damage the nail at all, contrary to what one may hear… However, I strongly advise having them done by a professional beautician with certified nail technician training.

The gel must be deposited, and modeled with precision to avoid breakage  !


  • Application of semi-permanent varnish

Cheaper and faster, they simply need to spread their color layer which looks like a lacquer and let it harden under a UV lamp.

Currently it is the most common service, it is found especially in nailbars.

Positive  : A quick and easy pose that you can do alone, about 30 minutes

Negative point  : Only lasts about 2 weeks and is only on natural nails, so you can't change the shape or length.

Opinion of our nail technician Florence from Class and Beauty  :

The semi-permanent varnish is a solution for people who want to have a quick installation without necessarily committing to time  ! Indeed, at anytime the varnish can be removed simply with the solution for false nails (pure acetone)

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