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Trend tips for winter nails and the holiday season,  Class and Beauty

In winter, we often have hands that get damaged  with the cold.
  Class and Beauty, offers you to take care of yourself to the tips of your nails... Stay trendy and amaze  your friends with suggested ideas  by  our nail technicians  professional
(The choices of decorations that our beauticians offer you can also be  suitable for other seasons.
So don't hesitate to pick up ideas from the other seasons*)

With winter and snow, your beauty salon and its professional nail technicians offer you this beautiful pearly white color, as well as a nail covered with Swarovski crystals to stay Class and Beauty 
A nail pose at home.
Shape : Ballerina shape nail
Colour : Babyboomer  
Decoration : Swarovski jewels
Christmas magic at your fingertips!
Class and Beauty offers you these beautiful glitter colors for your nails, a perfect manicure from our nail technician Ornella C&B
Shape : Almond Nail
Color : Glitter red + glitter gold  
Decoration : jewelry
Magnificent purple color that will sublimate the woman who sleeps in you! 
You will be ready to go out in the most luxurious evenings of the end of the year.
A great performance 
Shape : Ballerina nail
Color : purple + silver
Decoration : Silver sugar effect
Opt for discreet, sober but keep a fresh side! 
The "nude" is perfect to recall the colors of the
white winter coat. All accompanied by an icing sugar effect.
A Class and Beauty nail application, Aix en Provence 
Shape : Square nail
Color : Nude
Decoration : Iced white sugar effect
You are Mrs. Claus! be  glamorous and sexy with this very beautiful red color 
Manicure Class and beauty institute marseille.
Shape : Short Square Nail
Colour : glamorous red
Decoration : swarovski  

In this selection  that we offer for special end-of-year party nails, there is something for everyone!

Here, our nail technicians have chosen a dark plum purple and a silver sugar effect.
A nail pose in an institute in Aix en Provence offered by Ornella C&B.

Shape : Almond nail
Color : dark plum purple + silver
Decoration : Silver sugar effect
Give that impression of having frosted nails!
Our nail technician Fanny , offers you this iced sugar effect
cheap nail  in Aix en Provence or Marseille
Shape : Square Nail
Color : White + silver
Decoration : Iced sugar effect

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