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Class and Beauty, is the No. 1 in home nail laying in the Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur region.

Class and Beauty, what is it?

Located in Marseilles,  Aix en Provence and  Pertuis... 

Class and Beauty is today the number 1 nail specialist in the entire Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region, which offers quality services at home or in its own beauty salons at affordable prices for everyone.
We started from a simple observation...
Going to an institute takes time, the schedules are not always practical and when you finally decide to look for a nail technician at home, the results are sometimes random or even disappointing.
Indeed, it is difficult to make a choice because many beauticians offer their services and we are not immune to falling on unqualified nail technicians or even having a rabbit pose at the last moment by the latter.

Class and Beauty offers a specialized home nail platform that meets the needs of a woman who likes to take care of herself and look beautiful:
Quality, availability, simplicity are the key words of our brand.


Gel-based nails are an ideal option for nails that are bitten or have trouble growing.
The gel gives a natural, fine result, with or without nail polish.

The modeling gel allows you to have perfect hand nails for around 3 weeks and 4 weeks for the toenails (French manicure or nails with a varnish color). There are also other solutions for women who do not want gel extensions.
Our professional beauticians will then offer you a semi-permanent nail polish.
The hold is about 2 weeks, a natural shine that holds and does not flake, all without damaging your natural nails.


Who are your private beauticians and nail technicians?

Our nail technicians are all professionals!
They are seasoned, qualified and specialists in nail application, whether at home, at your workplace or in our nail salons. We select the best beauticians for you following a demanding selection process!
CV, survey of former employers, practical tests. We even study the personality, because we believe that a nail technician must listen to the client to have a privileged moment.
Finally… Know that our beauticians have the particularity of having their experience, of having followed a training course with us which allows them to all have the same working protocol.


How it works ?

It could not be easier.  Click here to make an appointment with a beautician,

  •   Step 1 :
    Choose whether you want an appointment at home or in an institute.
    If you want an appointment at your place of work, click on home.


  • 2nd step :
    Choose the institute closest to you


  • Step 3:
    Choose your service

  • Step 4:
    Choose date and time

  • Step 5:

    fill in your details to create your customer file (surname, first name, address, telephone.

  • Step 6:

    You will receive a confirmation message


How much does it cost ?

We offer quality services at prices that remain accessible to all, from the installation of semi-permanent varnish at 23€, through the filling at 35€, you will be sure to have made the right choice by trusting us.
Find all the prices of Class and Beauty by clicking here.

How do I pay you? And when ?

You can book and pay by credit card on the Class and Beauty website (secure site supported by flexybeauty, an online payment reference site for beauty salons. Class and Beauty will not store your bank details).
If you wish, you can pay after your service directly to the beautician by check or cash at home or at the institute.

Is it possible to cancel a service?

Sure. Cancellation is completely free! However, if the abuse of reservations canceled at the last moment is proven by the switchboard operator in charge of making appointments, she reserves the right to refuse or request payment by credit card before the service.

Is it possible to choose my nail technician at Class and Beauty?

Yes ! But only on phone appointments.
Indeed, all our beauticians are present on social networks, which makes it possible to visualize their work. So if you like a color or a decoration, all you have to do is make an appointment directly with our switchboard or on Class and Beauty's Facebook or Class and Beauty insta.

Where can my nail service take place?

For a service to be carried out in optimal conditions, for the beautician to be comfortable just like you, the place you will have to choose must respect the following conditions:
- The service must be authorized (check that your employer agrees, for example), - the place must have two chairs, one for you and one for your nail technician. (No sofa!).
- You must also provide a table the height of a desk so that the nail technician sets up her equipment and can move around you. (No coffee table!).
- Please specify your address (driveway? building number? gate?...).
don't hesitate to tell us something that could also be useful. (Attention dog, no parking spaces, accessible only to pedestrians, no doorbell…). All this information can allow the beautician not to waste time between appointments.

Do I need to prepare before?

It is advisable to prepare the place beforehand by making room.
Don't forget that the nail technician certainly has another appointment behind yours! So try to make yourself available and ready on time to welcome your beautician.

How long does a nail service last?

The estimated time for each of the services is indicated when booking on the website If you have little time and are in a hurry, let the Class and Beauty switchboard operator know, she will let the eye prosthetist know who, when she arrives, will do her best to perform her job within the allotted time. In general, a complete nail pose takes 1h30 minutes  and a 45-minute filling between the installation of the beautician, her performance and her departure.

I hope everything is clean after your visit!

Yes ! in general, the beautician is equipped to avoid leaving traces of his passage… a towel and a vacuum cleaner for the nail powder that falls during filing.

And after my nail pose at home / institute?

After the departure of your nail technician, you can note the service performed or comment on it on google and social networks (Facebook, insta): this will help future clients to make their choice and our beauticians to have some recognition if you liked their work! Don't forget to put your loyalty card back in order to obtain a stamp which will allow you to obtain 50% reductions or even a free service! At the house of  Class and Beauty nail salon we love and cherish our customers. It's our way of saying thank you.

Was the service unsatisfactory?

If the service does not satisfy you (which is rare, we must admit), you can contact us by email  or by phone on 07 86 11 73 93 

I still haven't found my answer.


If you still haven't found the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact us on 07 86 11 73 93 ! We also answer you by email at

My Class and Beauty customer account

What's the point?

Your account allows you to quickly reserve a date for a hairdressing service with our private hairdressers, but also to be able to communicate with your hairdresser before his arrival, consult the history of your services, find your invoices... All the personal information you fill in your account are protected, we only communicate to your hairdresser those that allow him to go to the place of service and your contact when necessary.

What are the benefits of an account?

  • Make appointments quickly with the nail technician of your choice

  • View your upcoming reservations and receive a text message the day before your appointment

  • Cancel or reschedule an appointment at any time depending on availability

  • Access your history and billings for the services performed.

How do I create an account?

Click on the registration button and let yourself be guided.
The surname, first name, telephone number, email and a password will be necessary for you to finalize your registration and become a beautygirl.

What are the steps to book?

  • Start by selecting the service you want to perform (complete gel application, semi-permanent varnish, filling or filling, make-up, foot / hand care, etc.

Can someone else use my account?

Each client has her own account, for security reasons because each account contains personal information about you.

If I lose my password…?

It is possible, if you no longer remember your password, to reset it. You will receive a link to the email address you gave when you registered in our customer files. Simply click on this link to choose a new password.

Come and find us quickly, in our beauty institutes in Marseille, Aix en Provence or Pertuis

C&B also offers customers who wish or simply not the possibility of traveling, of receiving our beauticians at their home or at their place of work and all without travel expenses! 
Our nail technicians are available from Monday to Saturday,  to perform quality services at your home with a smile and great professionalism.

Make, appointment and book by phone, on 07 86 11 73 93 
We only use quality equipment and products, Class and Beauty strives to intervene as soon as possible throughout the department of 13 and 84

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