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Earn your life and your freedom, be your own boss

You are a freelance in aesthetics and you have the project to set up your own business but you don't know how to do it?

Investing in premises is expensive, and it is complicated to find the place that best suits the layout, visibility and accessibility of your premises.

Thanks to our beauty freelance pack and the support of our services, getting started and becoming the boss of your business is:

  1.   Simple  : a simple questionnaire to be completed online

  2.   Safe  : our experts accompany you and help you in approaching

  3.   Fast  : in 24 hours, get all the tools and clients to start working  

  4.   Economic  : our formulas are adapted to your needs your expenses depend only on your income 

  5. You don't have a status yet and you want to work with us? here is the procedure to follow: 
    Find out more about the steps to becoming a freelancer

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